Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC
Facilities Administrator for Call Centers
Voice System Administrator                     

Integon Life Insurance, Winston-Salem, NC
Assistant Vice President Business Process Evaluation
Assistant Vice President Customer Service
Supervisor Special Projects and Training
Supervisor Billing and Collections                                 

Audrey Alexander

Project Coordinator

Audrey brings to our customers more than 35 years of direct customer service experience and satisfaction. While in the healthcare industry, Audrey managed a budget of several million dollars, assisted in the monitoring of a complex voice communication network with over 14,000 extensions, and implemented and supported new call center applications to ensure quality control and monitoring. 

In the insurance industry, Audrey was responsible for project implementations that crossed multiple departmental lines, including staff training and determining how to improve business practices. She managed a staff of over 100 people who provided timely and accurate billing and collections, as well as positive customer conflict resolution. Audrey successfully merged an out-of-state subsidiary's customer service operations into Winston-Salem operations within the timeframe and budget allowed.

Audrey's experience shows a proven ability to coordinate large-scale projects, delivering them within budget, while always keeping an eye on how to improve the processes while keeping the customer satisfied.