facilitating project success

T2pm specializes in providing Project Management, Commercial Interior Design, Strategic Planning, Relocation Management, and Facility Services to private and public organizations, corporate real estate groups, architectural firms and general contractors to help deliver each project’s unique vision in the most efficient, effective, and holistic manner. The markets we've served include healthcare, corporate, higher education, Federal and State, hospitality, assisted living, and civic. 

The T2pm Advantage

T2pm’s defining difference is our staff’s professional experience – and the proven processes through which T2pm supports your business mission. We clearly communicate each project’s unique goals and objectives; integrate them into the project plan; and monitor, measure, and report their progress to ensure effective performance.

T2pm focuses on the myriad of decisions and actions that must take place – in proper sequence and with fiscal vigilance – to transform project goals and objectives into the built environment that fully achieves the customer's vision.

If executing your vision is the destination, then T2pm is about optimizing your journey.

Right Hand, Left Hand & the Upper Hand

T2pm can streamline your entire project’s scope or enhance selected phases of it. From project inception to warranty walk-through, every detail of your project links together to create an extraordinarily complex sequence of events and decisions – a sequence that demands the precise coordination of both integrated project management and creative design solutions. The intelligent management of this sequence, along with precise, consistent documentation of all communication involved, is how we ensure that our client maintains the upper hand during every step of project completion.