T2pm's Commercial Interior Design Services are part of the bridge between the Strategic Plan and the Implementation of that plan. Simultaneously creative, technical and process driven, T2pm works closely with its clients to produce solutions that capture the vision and functions within quality interior spaces.

T2pm first defines the scope of a project – the business requirements, functional capabilities and work flow needs – and then creates an interior environment that supports these foundational elements both physically and aesthetically.


T2pm meets with its clients to learn about their company or their department; to analyze their goals, business requirements and work flow; and to understand how the corporate identity and mission will be translated into the interior architecture. This information is obtained through pre-occupancy evaluation, questionnaires, site visits, and interviews. The resulting program becomes the scope of the design.  

Conceptual Design & Schematic Design

T2pm translates the written program into a conceptual design solution for client review and input. The conceptual design incorporates the elements of the program to generate schematic designs which defines interior architecture, furniture, fixtures and equipment. T2pm incorporates evidence based design, applying industry "best practices" research to refine design concepts and solutions, resulting in the best possible outcomes within the built environment.

Design development

Moving from the Schematic Design Phase into Design Development, T2pm confirms that design concepts meet all life safety requirements, are code compliant, and fulfill functional prerequisites. At this point in the process T2pm collaborates with architects and engineers to move into the third dimension of design where we establish space and systems integration. We create the appropriate response to the aesthetic vision, code and accessibility requirements, environmental practices, and sustainability guidelines.

Finish Selection & Specification

T2pm selects palettes, textures, materials and finishes that convey the design concept and meet functional, maintenance, environmental, and safety requirements. Interior elements are reviewed in terms of environmental psychology.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) Selection & Specification

T2pm creates an FF&E package for review with our client that includes drawings and product descriptions. Once approved, T2pm creates contract documentation to facilitate vendor/manufacturer pricing, procurement and installation.

Construction Documentation

T2pm prepares computer aided construction documents that fully adhere to national CADD standards. These documents, are coordinated through design reviews with architectural and engineering design partners, incorporating quality control and quality assurance methodologies.

Building Code Review

T2pm conducts a comprehensive code review of the construction documents prior to release with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure compliance with state and national building codes. 

Coordination & Collaboration with Project Team

T2pm coordinates with design professionals retained to provide consulting services, including but not limited to architects, engineers, lighting designers and various specialty consultants. 

Contract Administration

T2pm creates contract documents, oversees bids and negotiates project budgets and change directives, responds to information requests and clarifications, and monitors the project execution through field observation. As the client's agent, this information is documented and reported in order to support effective communication.

Post-occupancy evaluations (poe)

T2pm conducts post-occupancy evaluations to gain critical user feedback, improve processes, and benchmark service. The POE is used is part of the evidence based design process.