Strategic Planning

T2pm's understanding of its clients often begins with Strategic Planning, the process used to determine where the client's organization has been and where it is headed over the next three to five years. In order to define a client's future plans, we first need to know exactly where the organization stands now, and then determine where it wants to go and how it will get there.

Typically, T2pm's involvement in the Strategic Plan pertains to the facilities owned or leased by the client. This plan can then be used to determine where departments are currently located, where they could be located and recommendations for where they should be located. The plan can also identify where growth will take place; how facilities can best be utilized; where facility modifications need to take place; whether some facilities should be removed from the portfolio or if additional property should be sought.

Detailed floor plans of existing and future conditions, sequencing diagrams, schedules, and cost projections are developed to support the organization's strategic goals and objectives. These ideas and concepts are graphically represented to simplify communicating complex long-range planning strategies which support an organization's change management initiatives.